Message from the Exhalted Ruler

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Wow Summer is slipping by. The trip to the Elks National Meeting was very interesting and informative. The opportunity to talk with so many Elks from across the country was invalu- able, as well as visiting many lodges across the great state of Florida. 

    The opportunity to hear and participate
in 5000 soulsreciting the Pledge of Allegiance was a powerful experience

and will stay with me for a long time. As Alison and I visited lodges up and down Florida’s east coast I came to realize how lucky we are to have a professionally staffed restaurant. Many lodges with memberships not much smaller than ours (500-600) are all staffed by volunteers.

    The menus were limited or they served something from a crock pot put together by the volunteer of the day. I will say though, the drinks were less expensive.

    But they also don’t have our tax rates.

I am not saying which way is better but  

I will say if you enjoy what we have, please patronize the club and do what you can to

promote the Elks and grow our member-ship. None of this can continue without an active and engaged membership. I see many new faces and people looking

to be involved. I also see many long time 

members being more active. The more the merrier. There is so much positive happening at the 1526. 

to be involved. I also see many long time members being more active. The more the merrier. There is so much positive happening at the 1526. 

    The Blood drive was a success, Jim Feth is writing grants at a furious pace and we are looking at new ways to donate to

the community with dollars and also with time and effort. If you know a worthy cause in the community please bring it to our attention as the Elks are all about charity

and there is a new focus on being visible. There are so many upsides to this. Local engagement brings new people to the lodge, it expands our reach, increases activities and keeps the order viable.

Bring your ideas, your friends and hope to see you at the Lodge. If there is something you would like to happen at

the Lodge bring your idea and enthusiasm. It’s not hey you should do this rather it’s I think we should do this and this is how

I can help make it happen.

    Stay healthy, stay happy, bring a new member and hope to see YOU at the 1526. Marc Walker, ER

     Des Plaines Elks Lodge #1526 • 495 Lee Street  Des Plaines, IL 60026 • 847-824-1526