Message from the Exhalted Ruler


Greetings Elks Brothers and Sisters!

Once again I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity and privilege of serving you as the Exalted Ruler

for the 2022/2023 Elks year! It is a position that I will never take for granted and I will always do my personal best for the success of the Lodge!

    On April 5th we held our first regular lodge meeting of the new year and in my closing statement I offered this

challenge to our members… “ at our next meeting I’m going to ask that you bring another member who rarely or

never attends to join the meeting. The more members that attend, the better informed everyone will be and the better their Elk experience will become!”

    One of the duties of the ER is to attend all meetings held at the lodge, at other lodges, district meetings, and state

and national conventions. By attending these meetings I’ve learned more already than I’ve learned in my 12 years of

being an Elk. One thing I have learned talking to both members at our lodge and members throughout the country, is

that Elks are ¯ good people who are very generous and willing to volunteer their time for the good of a lodge.

    On April 8th we held our first Wheel of Ham, a.k.a. Ham-o-Rama, Ham Shoot, etc. The raffle alone raised $1,545,

plus we packed the house with over 125 members and guests, many of which enjoyed the Italian buffet and


    Mid-month saw the Easter bunny attending Sunday brunch, a bake sale and craft show! These special events along with the weekly Queen of Hearts, 50/ 50‘s, BINGO, and Saturday night bands, resulted in a very successful month.

    Many good changes are coming our way from Kim Zoske, who is the new House Chair, and her team. They are in the

process of revamping the restaurant and banquets. Please be patient, you are going to be very happy with future

dining experiences at your lodge. 011523

    My personal request is that you attend as many meetings as possible and find out what is going on at the lodge.

If you hear a rumor, ask one of your officers for clarification. Rumors are a disease that can undermine an organization! 

I constantly walk around talking to members and guests, so if you have a thought or idea, pull me aside and bend my ear! Let’s make the 1526 the RAVE of all lodges!


R- Recruit      A- Attend meetings      V- Volunteer      E- Enjoy


Fraternally, Ed Pizza

     Des Plaines Elks Lodge #1526 • 495 Lee Street  Des Plaines, IL 60016 • 847-824-1526