Message from the Exhalted Ruler


Greetings Brothers and Sisters,
Welcome to the beautiful month of October where temperatures are more tolerable and we get to enjoy the visual beauty of trees that are turning phenomenal colors for the fall season. It’s a great time of the year since the hustle and bustle of summer's craziness is over and we can finally relax. The kids are back in school, vacations are over and we have more time to sit back and relax. But at the 1526 do we every really relax? Of course not, something is always going on! And to keep things happening 52 weeks of the year we depend on many volunteers. We have 7 paid employees at our lodge and everything else is done by various volunteers. We have numerous volunteer opportunities from an easy one-time job to running the Bingo and the House Committees! I am going to declare the month of October as ‘’Be a Volunteer Month”. There truly is no better way to meet people at Elkdom than to get involved in a committee or to volunteer. When I was invited by Jim Cusack to the 1526 about 12 years ago, we would attend Thursdays, sit at the same table with the same members, have dinner, partake in the Queen of Hearts and leave returning the next Thursday to do the same. I never really felt part of Elkdom until Stacy K. got me involved in selling the Queen of Hearts tickets. I was reluctant at first and held off doing it for months. I had lots of excuses such as I worked, I traveled a lot, I had a child etc. etc. When I finally did volunteer, it was truly the turning point of my Elk experience. Selling the Queen tickets, in my opinion, is one of the best jobs because you get to meet, greet and get to know so many wonderful members. Are you ready to try it out? Are you unsure of what to volunteer jobs are available? Do you know who to ask? I’ll make it easy for you, just call or shoot me at text at 847-909-7132 or email me at I’ll be happy to discuss with you the opportunities that are available, how much time is required and who to contact. We have opportunities from just an hour, weekly events, upcoming holiday events, all of which will be fun and rewarding! In my discussions with potential volunteers they always say that they are afraid that if they volunteer they will be ‘’roped into” doing many jobs. That is the furthest from the truth, you can give your time for one job or many, it’s completely up to you. Let us know your availability and we will provide you options that are the right fit for you! While attending the Summer Grand Lodge Convention in Atlanta, we met our new Grand Exalted Ruler Bruce Hidley! His motto is ”Promoting Elkdom with Enthusiasm”. We are doing a great job of promoting membership! This year we have initiated on average about 4 new members a month. Keep up the good work, we cannot survive without new members. A Elk sized thank you goes out to our Esquire Joan Hooson’s group, the “Welcome and Care Committee” (WACC). They continue to work with new members, follow up with them to make sure they are getting the full Elk experience, suggest volunteer opportunities and as the name suggests, makes them feel welcome! They also call members that we haven’t heard from to make sure they are okay and send out Phyllis Perry’s handmade greeting cards. Lastly, I want to thank Jan Stein as she retires from Co-Chair of the Bingo Committee. She has spent countless years involved in every aspect of Bingo helping to make it a favorite in the area! Thank you Jan for all your years of dedicated service!
Fraternally, Ed Pizza 🍕 

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