Message from the Exhalted Ruler

Marc Walker.jpg

Just getting home from the Illinois
Elks annual meeting in Springfield.

    Congratulations again to our new State President Jim Cusack and kudos to our Grand Lodge
representative Tony Dardano for
a fantastic nomination speech.

    PER Tom Bantz is Jim’s Tiler
and the legendary Mike Reilly
is Jim’s Sergeant-At-Arms.

    The 1526 will also be hosting
the state flag day cere- mony on Saturday June 12th. This is a big
honor for the 1526, please plan
on attending.

    Summer is almost here and
the time is right for dancing in
the streets...Well the parking
lot at the 1526 anyhow.

    It seems like the whole lodge
is anticipating the return of our
outdoor summer of fun.


    Thank you to the Durante Funeral Group for sponsoring the stage this summer of music, dancing and the
return of the weekly bags 

    Looking forward to the VooDoo Kings Custom Car Show on July 17th and there will be some outdoor movie nights (we have a blow up screen courtesy of PER John Straub). We are also picking a date for a
Matt Alban’s Elvis Blue Hawaii night.

    The bar was set very high last summer and we continually look for ways to make the lodge and club better and we are looking forward to finally throwing away our masks and enjoy the company of our fellow Elks. It does not matter which Lodge you’re at as there is always a cold drink, a smile and some pleasant conversation waiting.

Hope to See you at the 1526.

     Des Plaines Elks Lodge #1526 • 495 Lee Street  Des Plaines, IL 60026 • 847-824-1526