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Message from the Exhalted Ruler

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

By the time this article is in your hands, the nominations and elections of officers will be behind us and the new team will be ready to continue the momentum of the Elks on April 1st. This years elections saw three nominees for Exalted Ruler.

Competitive elections are a good thing compared to an uncontested race. The lodge members got to see campaigning by the candidates and heard what each nominee had to say about their future plans. The best part is, it gives ALL members a chance to choose their preferred candidate and make their voice heard. On a different note, spring is right around the corner and what does that mean for us? As you know the winter reduces attendance at the lodge due to weather, shorter days and snowbirds being out of town. Although activities never ceased over the winter, the fun events and activities happen over the next 6 months. The picnic is always a good time as is being under the stars on weekends listening to great bands and enjoying the beautiful weather. Good times are ahead, stay tuned. Some have said to me, I'd like to be more involved but just don't know how or what I want. My answer is always to invite them to committee meetings and see how Elks members create all the fun we have year round. It doesn't just happen and takes the hard work of many individuals. The response I have received numerous times is "I'm not on a committee so I can't attend those meetings". All committee meetings are open to EVERYONE! The only thing you are unable to do at any of the committee meetings is vote, that is reserved for committee members only. Who knows, you might like one of the committees, join it and before you know it will be participating and voting on the future plans for the lodge. We are always looking for new ideas, new plans, new groups etc., and that is where you, the members, come in. We have a beautiful large facility that can house so many possibilities. How about a dart club? We have two

professional boards. A Canasta club perhaps? A sewing or knitting group? The possibilities are endless. All you need is the desire, a few people to start the group and we can make it happen. Last month I spoke about the possibilities of a travel group, newer member Barbara took it and ran and is looking into day trips in the near future. If they work out we could see bigger trips in the future, perhaps a cruise, wouldn't that be ahoot? This month I was going to announce the winner of my "Visit the most Elks Lodges'' contest. So far I have received only five and they are averaging about 5 Lodges. I'm going to extend it one more month. So if you traveled this month send me a list of Lodges visited and you might be the winner of a $50 Lodge Gift Certificate.

All the best to you always,

Ed Pizza !Exalted Ruler 2022/2023

     Des Plaines Elks Lodge #1526 • 495 Lee Street  Des Plaines, IL 60016 • 847-824-1526

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