Lodge Officers

Nominations for elected positions
are submitted during the first regular
meeting in February of each year, with
elections held during the subsequent
meeting. The officers for the Lodge
Year 2019-2020 are as follows:


Exalted Ruler:

Michael Hozian

Esteemed Leading Knight:

Jim Feth 

Esteemed Loyal Knight:

Marc Walker

Esteemed Lecturing Knight:

Cathy Phillips

Lodge Secretary:

K.C. Ferguson

Lodge Treasurer:

Bob O'Neill

Lodge Tiler:

Edward Pizza

Lodge Esquire:

Joan Hooson

Lodge Inner Guard:

Gary Meyers

Lodge Chaplain:

Donna Reda

Lodge Organist:

Phyllis Perry

Trustee (1-Year):

Lori Lichter PER

Trustee (2-Year):

Ron Nishimoto

Trustee (3-Year):

Andrew Parenteau PER

House Committee Chairman:

Mike Spangler​

 House Committee Delegate:

Susan Logan

House Committee Delegate:

Barb Zitkus

House Committee Delegate:

Dennis Chilver

House Committee Delegate:

Michael Hozian

House Committee Delegate:

Bob Midlowski

House Committee Delegate:

Marc Walker

Club Manager:

Sally Zydlo

     Des Plaines Elks Lodge #1526 • 495 Lee Street  Des Plaines, IL 60026 • 847-824-1526